Your Pet’s Second Best Friend


Professional dog training and behavioral support. 

Help your dog by understanding your dog's psychology! Learn to recognize your dog's needs, instincts and body language. Follow the unique method to transform your relationship with your dog, and see the the behavioral changes in just first few days!

I use self empowered method that is based on force free, kind and gentle training.  It's an opposite of using aggression, yelling, hurting or dominating dogs. It's based on positive reinforcement and rewarding system. This easy method is made of 5 GOLDEN RULES which will unlock your dog's mind! When you start following it, you will notice a change! It will allow you to start clear communication on the completely different level. You will understand your dogs reactions, signs and body language.


On the initial training session I will share with you the 5 golden rules, hand over a flyer with all important  information and coach you on dog training foundation. It will open up the new approach that is simple, logical and easy to follow! It will change your perception and allow you to continue the training and eliminate all the behavioral issues.  Your dog will be more focused on you, listens you and respect you.  

Common dog problems I can help you solve:

Dog not listening


Biting and chewing 

Jumping on visitors

Excessive barking

Dog, people or objects aggression

Leash pulling



Separation Anxiety 


Fears and Phobias 

Dogs living together

Dog Socialization

Puppy Training

Dogs on a Bench


  • Private and customized in house training

  • Online video conference per request

  • Fresh different approach

  • Secrets of dog calming code

  • Long term solution

  • Personalized training plan, where you decide on the numbers of sessions 

  • Flexible training session available to book seven days a week even in late hours (8am - 8pm).

  • Initial training session that lasts about 3 hours 

  • Method for dogs of any size, breed and age

  • Training of multiple dogs

  • Immediate results after the first session 



  • Dog calming code

  • Solving all behavioral issues

  • Corrections and setting boundaries 

  • Dealing with aggression

  • Calming techniques

  • Obedience training

Obedience training include*: Sit, Stay, Down, Place, Recall, Leash walking,​ Socialization, Impulse control, Focus and eye contact, Introduction to Heel, Drop, Whistle training

Fun additions: Shake, Fetch, Rollover, Dog Door, Ringbell 


Behavioral issues: not listening, not coming when called, digging, barking, jumping, aggression, impulsive, pulling on the leash, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, obsessions,  fears and phobias, dogs living together etc.​

*One than more session is needed to master all commands listed above 



  • Dog calming code

  • Correcting negative behavior

  • Setting boundaries

  • House training (potty, crate etc.)

  • Name recognition

  • Socialization with other dogs

  • Basic obedience training*

  • Confidence building and basic manners

Basic obedience include: sit, stay, come here, impulse control, leash introduction


Puppies behavioral issues: barking, chewing, mouthing, jumping up, stealing,crying when left alone etc.

*One than more session is needed to master all commands listed above 





$250 per session.

$250 per session.


$150 per session.

+ $30 travel fee if outside of I-610.


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Hello, my name is Marta Peralta. I am professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist right here in Houston. Few years ago I decided to leave my corporate job and open my own business, and just then my dog training journey began. My whole life I was always very passionate about dogs and had a special connection with them. I knew it will be perfect fit for me to work with animals. My long therm vision was to open my own dog training and daycare facility. To start pursuing this dream I volunteered in Houston SPCA and started working in local doggy day care as a trainer. In the meantime I studied dog psychology, read many books, and researched the world greatest dog trainers. During my research I came across a brilliant dog trainer from New Zealand 'Doggy Dan'. I joined his Dog Trainer Academy (DTA) and learned an exceptional method, a solution to all dogs problems, an approach that is simple gentle and logical. This dog training foundation finally make sense, is different from every known dog training methods and works every time, on every dog in every situation. As an ambassador of DTA I use this method and pay it forward with everyone who is looking to understand, train and help their dogs. My goal is to contribute as a member of DTA and help as many dogs and dog owners I can reach. I believe that, when owners education meets the right dog training approach the great things can happen. Owners perspective and energy is changing and dogs reflect that. Dogs starts listen, respect us, continue to loves us but also calms down and relax. 



Houston, Texas


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